Autumn Hanberry


English Language Arts

Loves math. And exploring math as a language. With sass. And art projects.


Nisty Tharp


My name is Nisty and I am an aspiring art teacher in the Fort Lewis Masters of Education program. I love to draw, paint, and make pottery. If you can’t find me making art you will find me hiking with my purdy beagle-german shepherd dog!


Jonas Kurronen 

Social Studies

I am a 27 year old Masters Student and aspiring teacher.  I have climbed mountains in the Himalaya, trained yoga in Thailand, solo hitch hiked throughout Europe, attended an Emirati Independence Day celebration in Oman, eaten a fish dinner on the floor of a Cambodian family’s apartment and talked to a North Vietnamese Regular about the war.  I have conducted anthropological research, worked in sales, ran restaurants, fished in Alaska, built houses and coached teams.  I’m very proud to be part of the FLC MAE program and excited to pursue my career the education.

Richard Brennen Montgomery

English Language Arts

Social Studies

Upstate New York native and former outdoor educator. I like to discuss the sociological implications of a world where kids don’t listen to thrash metal or opera. Unfortunately nobody wants to talk about that so I write and teach English.


Kylie Morris

Science and Math Intervention

I am excited to share my passion for science, and love making connections to the local environment!

Alexανδρος Μελέτιος Taylor

Spanish, French and World Languages


Educated in Durango from Fort Lewis Mesa through Fort Lewis College, this half USAmerican and half Attican is an aspiring Spanish, French and World Languages teacher. He studied Sociology and modern languages in Mexico, the Basque Country and Costa Rica, and has worked in after-school programs and schools in Durango and Half Moon Bay, CA. He just returned from three years of Peace Corps Service in the Dominican Republic where he worked as a literacy educator in Trujillo’s San Cristóbal, and as an adjunct to a school district office in Santa Bárbara de Samaná.


Caryna Pourier


Eyá lé mitákuyepi, tóna yahípi kiŋ iyúha čhaŋté waštéya napé čhiyúzape kštó. Lakȟól’iya imáčhaǧe šni, na tuwéni oyázaŋwaya wačhíŋ šni. Wašíčuiya Caryna Pourier emáčiyapi naháŋ Lakȟól mičháže kiŋ Čhaŋté Wašté Wiŋ emáčiyape kštó. Oglála Lakȟóta hemáčha. Wazí Aháŋhaŋ emátaŋhaŋ, na leháŋl Durango él wathí. Ináwaye kiŋ Connie Mesteth ečíyapi na atéwaye kiŋ Robert Pourier ečíyapi. Iná ečhíyataŋhaŋ uŋčíwaye kiŋ Rhoda Mesteth ečíyapi, na kakáwaye kiŋ Robert Mesteth ečíyab. Na até ečhíyataŋhaŋ uŋčíwaye kiŋ Jeanne Ann Ryan ečíyapi, na kakáwaye kiŋ Bub Pourier ečíyab. Čhiŋkšíwaye kiŋ Caden Pourier ečíyapi na mahásanŋiwaye kiŋ Randall Hughes Jr. ečíyapi. Héčegla

Kyser Seaney



I’m Kyser Seaney. I’m a mad scientist that loves the fields of chemistry, physics, and mathematics. I also really enjoy backpacking, fly fishing, and hunting.


Lucas Matelich:


I’m 26 years old, an aspiring teacher, and I love being uncomfortable. I push myself mountain biking, I push myself exploring, and I push myself in the classroom and everywhere in between. I hope to grow every day and spread my passion of the outdoors and learning to today’s youth.

Julian Springer

Math & Science

I am a father, an outdoorsman, and an aspiring teacher. I have worked as a guide and coach in the outdoor industry for my entire professional career, and am excited to transition into the classroom and share my experiences and enthusiasm for math, science and the wilderness with all of my students.

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 5.20.36 PM.png

Alexi Ego Aguirre:

Spanish and Dance

I was born and grew up in Lima, Peru, and love to be Peruvian. I am a very positive person, there is so much to smile about. I love to travel and get to know people and the different cultures around the world; for me it is the richest experience for the soul. I am a current student in the Fort Lewis Masters of Education program, as I am hoping to work with kids and teach them Spanish. Besides Spanish, I also would like to share some of my passions (dancing, singing and cooking) both with my students and colleagues. I want to show them how beautiful these arts are and how these allow your mind and body to express themselves freely.

Griffith Gans

Physical Education

I am a former college football player who is aspiring to be a coach at the Highschool level. I am originally from Kansas City and have moved here since 2013 to play football and finish college. I am now in a Masters teaching program to further my education and to get my teaching license. I have always loved playing all sorts of different sports and just being physically active. My goal is to bring my passion for football and other lifetime fitness projects to PE classes that I plan to teach. I am really excited to begin my career as a physical education teacher as well as my coaching career to help kids make good choices and enjoy a lifetime of healthy fitness.


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