Durango High School

Durango High School is a traditionally designed and structured high school that has a lot of work going on behind the scenes to create the most positive and supportive educational environment for both students and staff. There is a holistic and authentic approach to students goals and experiences that the school seeks to work with and promote. DHS pushes their students to excel and achieve high academic output through a strong drive with AP classes. From freshmen year, many students are taking AP level courses to be exposed to the high quality academic rigor that may be experienced in a post-secondary educational setting. Around the realm of three-quarters of students take AP exams on a yearly basis, and this is spread out across all grades. Students at DHS are supported by teachers, who are in turn supported by very devoted and progressive minded administrative mentors and professional development. Students at DHS find faculty that they are able to build strong and genuine relationships with in order to best serve and support them through their academic challenges in high school.

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